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Data Viz Competition and Award

Are you a data visualization and storytelling expert? Enter the Data Viz Competition to showcase your data-driven artistic skills! CERA hosts an annual data visualization competition where participants will present key findings from their research or key practices from their daily work in a visually interesting way. 

Check out our past winners!

Data Visualization Contest Terms and Conditions

Submission Requirements

  1. The participant must be an attendee of the 2023 CERA Conference.

  2. Attendee should bring a printed copy of their data visualization to be attached to CERA-provided foam board onsite. 

  3. The data visualization should be no larger 20x30.

Award Criteria

The CERA Awards Committee and Board Members will review posters during a designated session at the 2023 CERA Annual Conference.  Panel members will evaluate each data visualization submission using the criteria listed below:

  • Headline/Title represents the content of the poster and aligns with the theme of the conference

  • Data appears accurate and logically depicted

  • Data visualization is easily comprehended using data visualization best practices

  • Contribution/significance to the field is strong and relevant

2022 Winners

CERA Choice Data Viz Award

Chronic Absenteeism

Ramon Peña Llanos
Educational Data Analyst
Tehama County Department of Education

Tehama County Chronic Absenteeism data viz

People's Choice Data Viz Award

CAASPP Data 2016-2022

Christopher Mattson

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP 2016-22).png
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